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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kalyana Varmas Saravali ( source by Dr Bali )

This matter related to kalyan verma has been provided by DR BALI from london who started ASTROLOGY at the age of 8 yrs and belongs to a religious family as well and he  situated a milestone in field of Astrology and we may  call him  as an ENCYCLOPEDIA of planets and ASTROLOGY as well as TANTRA remedies. Here we are going to present the part of his collected books related to ASTROLOGY.  And again our thanx and regards to DR BALI .
                                          Chapter 1.

                                  Birth of Horasastra

1. Glory to the Sun-God, whose very breathing causes Creation in this world, with whose rising all the animals (living beings) wake up (from the sleep of their ignorance), whose state at the
head (zenith) accentuates all activities (throws the brightest light on ones wisdom) and whose setting (absence, weakness) causes all to sleep. Such Sun-God has his efficacy spread (all over).

2-4. Varaha Mihira in his Horasastra, i.e. Brhat Jataka, stated briefly the essence of the teachings of the learned sages viz. ten divisions of the Zodiacal Sign, Raja Yogas, longevity, effects ofplanetary periods etc. This could not be done elaborately by him and hence I am conveying in this work such useful essence, as called out from Yavanas etc., rejecting other un-useful
portions, which may be appended to the said Brihat Jataka.

5. I, Kalyana Varma, whose fame on account of patronizing Gods and administering villages and
cities is brilliant, like that of a female swan in the cage of the universe, who is the king of
Vyagrapada region, present this Saravali, an astrological treatise, with a chaste heart.

6. Saravali is a river with chilly water, which has taken its birth in the mountain called Kalyana Varma, to ward off the thirst for astrology of those interested. Thus ends the 1st Ch. Birth of Horasastra in Kalyana Varmas Saravali

                                              Chapter 2

                                          Meaning of Hora

1-5. The Creator Brahma has written on the foreheads of all living beings their fates, which are deciphered by the astrologers through their pure insight. The first and last letters in the word
Ahoratra are removed and the word Hora is thus born and has come to exist. The Zodiac and the planets are therein, as discussed. Some scholars say Horasastra is indicative of effects of ones Karma, i.e. fate. Some call Lagna, or half of a Rasi, as Hora. In practice the science relating to horoscope is called Horasastra. Hora is capable of analyzing the destiny. Barring
this Horasastra there is no device to help one earn money, to help, as a boat, to cross the ocean of unexpected situations and to serve, as an advisor in journey.

Thus ends the 2nd Ch. Meaning of Hora in Kalyana Varmas Saravali

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